16 September 2012

Once in a blue moon ...

Blue Moon Aug/Sept 2012
Navesink River, Shrewsbury River, Sandy Hook Bay, Waackaack Creek, Raritan Bay, Atlantic Ocean - these are the waters of my youth.

I caught turtles, tadpoles, catfish, sunfish, and pickerel. There were leaches in the creek too; we didn't like to find those. Jackie and I went ice skating every winter (I had little double-runner blades to start and remember orange rabbit fur pompoms with bells on my "grown up" skates). My mother was a very good skater and taught us how to wiggle backwards and do figure eights. Dad had friends in the fire department, and we got the benefit of our section of creek (which was on a bend and deepest) being sprayed with a fire hose and we had smooth ice mostly all winter. I have strong ties to that little creek.

My mom loves the sea, so we luckily spent nearly every summer day at the beach in Sea Bright. I remember chasing receding waves with Jackie and then they'd roar in and chase us as we screeched back up to the beach. We ate fudgesicles and krinkle-cut fries under the boardwalk where we also found lost coins in the sand. At the end of the day, my father sometimes joined us. His thin legs (poking out from madras swim trunks) were VERY pale compared to his always tanned arms and face. My grandma, Dot, came to the beach with us only one time that I remember; she looked vulnerable in a bathing suit.

Over the years, I've lived on Folly Creek and swam at Cedar Island and near Onancock Creek and swam on Watts Island on Virginia's Eastern Shore. For most of my life, I've spent my birthday on a beach somewhere. This year was different.

I did get a mini saltwater fix during a day trip to Virginia Beach earlier this summer. Like a junkie, that only made me want more. My birthday came and went. On Labor Day weekend I headed for the sea and it was perfect! The moon was full twice in August and Friday night I took this photo (it doesn't come close capturing how pretty it was). Water temps were benign and waves were abundant and welcoming. The company couldn't be beat! It was a perfect holiday weekend and there was almost NO traffic.

On the way home

On Sunday, the weather changed. I left midday and about halfway to Richmond began to run into scattered thunderstorms. We get these storms where the road is clear and then up ahead you see red tail lights and roll right into a horizontal wall of water where everyone is slowed down. And then it's over. And then it begins again somewhere along the road.

Back to work Monday was an entirely different story - the bluest skies and bleached white fluffy clouds. You'd think this was a post about the weather, but it's not.
The very next day
I usually have a very specific topic in mind when writing a post. This one sprang from a bundle of memories that came to mind as I looked at these photos. It's quite nostalgic and also a reminder to me of how much I enjoy summer and the host of memories it elicits. Sometimes I feel reluctant to let summer go, but this year feels different.

I've just begun teaching in the community again at Project Yoga Richmond; that feels good. It's a great place, and I am fortunate to have landed there.

Ellwood Thompson's local market has invited me to participate as provider in their upcoming wellness challenge and that's exciting.

I bought a bicycle! Jay and I have had a few good rides together - that's just fun!

We get to keep the windows open! There are apples and apple cider! I hear crickets!

Instead of looking back at summer longingly, I'm enjoying these days and feeling open to whatever lies ahead. That sentiment is not as rare as a blue moon, but for some reason it's quite noticeable to me this year. Maybe I'm getting better at living in the present - at least for today.